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Our Vision

Some 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity can be found on only a very small portion of the earth's surface. The key to the continued species diversity is to be found in the sustainable protection of this limited portion - the areas known as environmental "hotspots". These are areas of extremely high species diversity that are found nowhere else on earth.

These environmental hotspots are directly related to nearby local communities, invariably dependent on a healthy natural surrounding. Unfortunately, driven by common human nature to survive, environmentally pristine and already affected natural areas are heavily encroached upon. An immediate reciprocal effect becomes visible: degradation of the socio-economic structure and successively eroding of most valuable cultural values. A call for a sustainable approach is evident.

We believe that sustainable development is a holistic process that involves all people making use of available resources at a certain locality. Both governmental organisations and local communities should be involved for a lasting and favourable development, irrespective of being technically and/or financially supported by the international community. Hence, the role and involvement of local people is crucial in safeguarding their own livelihoods, as well as protecting and improving the local natural environment, i.e. biodiversity and species’ habitat. Keywords are involvement, participation and commitment. In our experience, people are lastingly committed when seeing tangible benefits. Financial rewards are the most common benefits; however, also experiencing improved livelihoods through better living conditions, job opportunities, health conditions and education are considered real improvements. Key to an upward spiral is bringing local people in the mainstream of a responsible business development, while involving them in their own developing process and experiencing genuine positive incentives of safeguarding their local natural environment.

In brief, we believe that sustainable local development (i.e. poverty alleviation, gender equity and local economic development through job creation), and protection, conservation & rehabilitation of nature and biodiversity is best achieved through adopting an integrated approach in which business development plays a vital role. One of the most promising fields in marrying business and development can be found in promoting true eco-tourism, turning a previous threat into a genuine opportunity.

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