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Core Philosophy

The core philosophy of Equated EcoLodgic is to run a good business ensuring that the earth’s most pristine wilderness and wildlife areas remain sustainably protected and local livelihoods secured. This is believed to be achieved by developing (a chain of) truly sustainable accommodation delivering a great experience for its guests and fair returns for shareholders and stakeholders. Equated EcoLodgic will support these tourism projects that helps protecting and nurturing unspoilt wild places and our environmental "hotspots", and improve local living conditions in terms of employment, health and education.

Income streams are shared with national and local governments, and with villagers and communities that live on the periphery of these great wild areas and reserves. Dividends, cash, jobs, training and community upliftment (e.g. through tourism) with concurrent conservation of the land are true benefits of this model. Applying this concept provide rural communities with the necessary incentives to protect their wildlife and neighbouring reserves. It's a true win-win model for everyone.

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