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Goals and Objectives

  • To protect and improve the pristine natural environment
  • To improve local livelihoods and make them self-supporting
  • To introduce the concept of integrated ecotourism and sustainable local development by establishing a chain of genuine eco-lodges
  • To assist similar initiatives in this field, providing technical assistance and transfer of know-how

Overall goals

To make countries less dependent on established and traditional sources of development aid by introducing a sustainable but business-oriented approach as an alternative to multi- and bi-lateral development aid offered by international governments and monetary organisations. The approach focuses on establishing -a chain of- efficiently operating eco-lodges that will kick-start the local economy and generate required funds to support local development projects.
Enhanced community participation and nature protection/biodiversity development are crucial elements. Investment in local development projects will be an efficient means to generate a local (economic and environmental) spin-off.

Long term effects pertain to a more stable employment, enhanced social development in the area, of which particularly women will benefit, and a gradually improving natural environment. A reciprocal relationship is formed, the one strongly influencing the other. A better natural habitat, encompassing a wider variety of plant- and animal species, together with an unspoilt natural environment attracts more visitors, generates more local employment, and improves socio-economic conditions. This will result in diminishing (ab)use of the natural environment for income, hence securing regeneration of the natural habitat. In this way an upward spiral of development (thus creating sustainable development) is established.

Greater Objective

To offer an alternative, business-like approach in sustainable local development, that makes recipient countries less dependent on international developing aid.

Specific Objective

To develop sustainable- or eco- tourism with a solid return of investment through a unique concept in which job creation and other economic spin-off activities are pivotal in ultimate protection of natural resources and improvement of local livelihoods.

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