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EqEL Structure

The current structure of Equated EcoLodgic CV is still pretty straightforward. However, as activities increase and more partnerships are established, this structure may shift to a more comprehensive structure (see potential future structure presented further below).

Basic operational structure
The current structure shows all existing and officially established bodies and linkages. At present SEELS is a company not officially linked to EqEL, but receives support by means of human input and advice. When in future that company ventures into ecotourism and development projects a full linkage will be established.

Potential future structure (- ambition)
In this potential and expanded structure we present the situation as EqEL may grow over time – our ambition. It shows that various projects will be shared under separate legal structures in which EqEL fully or partially participates. EqEL itself will be part of Equated BV, a holding company that incorporates more activities. VAPH has moved from a silent to an active associate. In this setting overall project activities, including e.g. consultancy aspects and real-estate activities, are part of the overall services and shared under the then operating organisation. As a potential project in which EqEL currently is opting to participate, the Enkipai Lodge has been incorporated, jointly operated with Dawn to Dusk Camps Ltd. SEELS is expected to have entered the tourism and integrated sustainable development segment and has an official and full linkage to EqEL.


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