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EqEL Profile

EQUATED EcoLodgic (EqEL) is a commercial company focusing on sustainable (or responsible) tourism integrated in the field of local development projects. EqEL generates its income from paying tourists interested in the new field of combined thematic but sustainable luxurious holidays and integrated local development of recipient countries. Offering its interesting transparent integrated business-concept to donor organisations and responsible investors, additional funds are attracted for further local development.

The people behind EqEL have adequate academic qualifications and comprehensive professional experience in responsible tourism, sustainable development, natural resources management, corporate development, financial management and business development

EqEL is firmly committed to fight adverse effects of tourism, both on the natural environment as on the socio-economic fabric. Protection of local natural habitats and sustainable local development, including improving livelihoods and preserving the cultural environment, are the fundamental components of the organisation’s mission. 

Adopting a commercial business model we believe all participating parties remain committed to working together to achieve the ultimate objective of empowerment of local communities, protection of the vulnerable natural habitat and making recipient countries less dependent on international development aid.

Three fields of operation

Basically, EqEL operates in the following three fields:

  1. Development of sustainable thematic tourism activities and establishing sustainable (responsible) tourist accommodation with minimised negative effects on the environment
  2. Identification and implementation of local development projects
  3. technical advisory (consultancies) and possibly financial support to tertiary activities in this field and other parties operating in the leisure industry (e.g. new or existing eco-lodges) using the same overall business concept

Additional interests

Additionally, EqEL is interested to be an actor and promoter of other interesting and linked activities, such as:

  1. new ideas in the field of sustainable local development, i.e. providing opportunities to parties working in R&D in sustainable development and introducing these new techniques to the eco-tourism sector
  2. sustainable local property development and real estate, introducing environmentally friendly techniques and promoting local employment

We work for governmental organisations (international development agencies), development banks, NGO’s, and the market sector.

Profits generated through operation of the accommodation, but also funds attracted from international donors, are reinvested in the countries of operation. In this manner we truly aim at the 3 P’s of People - Planet - Profit.

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